Founded in 1996 as TDL Communication, the company was quickly recognized for its exceptional customer service and cutting-edge expertise: two assets that have greatly helped us carve out a leading position in the telecommunications industry.

It is in 2017, after working 10 years with the company, that Jessy Bédard acquires it. Two years later, it soon bought the assets of our main competitor, the Belcom Group. Our team has grown as we have proudly welcomed its employees.

This was followed by a new name, Konnec Telecommunications, and a new brand image that reflects the innovation and excellence of our team.

Special mention to our President, who was a finalist in the category "Taker of the Year" in 2019 at the Grand Prix of the Quebec Young Chambers of Commerce.

Today, we can count on a dozen dedicated employees who contribute every day to distinguish ourselves by the quality, efficiency and reliability of our services.

Our vision? Become The Quebec leader in the telecommunications industry of our province and continue our expansion throughout North America. We firmly believe that together we can achieve great things.


The entire Konnec team is responsible and committed to the safety of all, especially in this time of pandemic. And it is to protect our health and safety, as well as those of our subcontractors, our customers and the public, that we have put in place and apply strict standards and procedures.

To allow you to effectively continue your activities, please know that we are able to safely minimize power outages. All our efforts are carried out with the well-being of our employees and we want to ensure that they can work in a healthy and well-supervised work environment.

Mastery of our discipline 

At Konnec, we aim for operational excellence, nothing less! That's why we work tirelessly, with energy, rigor and discipline to delight our customers and exceed their expectations. 

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